Bobbi Kurtz, known as Aunti Bobbi the Clown, is an Inspirational Entertainer who has been performing for over 19 years on Vancouver Island.  She is the proud mother of two boys and was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  Her family has lived on the island for 26 years and she is proud to call Nanaimo home.

Bobbi has worked with audiences of all ages as a performer and presenter, as well as filling the role of artist tour manager. Her specialty is working in the live performing arts sector for young audiences.

She is passionate about the arts and feels it is a valuable part of a young person’s development.

Bobbi is inspired by young people and enthusiastic about empowering them to believe, respect and accept themselves and others. She encourages everyone to dream BIG because dreams really do come true! She has proven it to herself many times!

Today her BIG dream is that we come together to dance the Ripple Effect, changing the world with love and respect and celebrating who we are just the way we are!

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