Aunti Bobbi’s Birthday Party Fun!    Ripple Effect Dance Party!


Aunti Bobbi the clown specializes in parties for children 3-7 years of age and events for all ages. She is commended for her special ability to engage and encourage participation through FUN and laughter.

She is recognized for her patient, intuitive, and fun gentle mannerisms that inspires children of varied abilities and personalities. She incorporates just the right amount of GOOFY to everything she does filling the children with delight, happiness and encourages everyone to have FUN!

With over 20 years experience performing and event planning she offers recommendations to make it easier for you to host a Birthday Party or any event and enjoy the special moments and have fun too!

Entertainment and Event Planning for Corporate Events, BBQ’s, company picnics, Grand openings and much more are also available!

Contact Aunti Bobbi today to find out how she can help create “Memorable Moments of Fun” for your family or special event!

Aunti Bobbi’s Birthday Party Fun!

Recommended Age: Children 3-7

Starting with a performance that includes a little magic, action songs, dancing and good old-fashioned clowning around! Your child, family and friends will be filled with laughter and joy, plus your child will feel special with a little extra attention from Aunti Bobbi and inclusion in the show. The party ends with balloon animals for all of the children.

Aunti Bobbi’s Tickle Trunk Parade!

Recommended Age: Children 2-4

Aunti Bobbi has a tickle truck full of fun accessories for the children to rummage through that encourages fun and imagination, then everyone lines up because the parade is about to begin! Aunti Bobbi will lead the costume parade getting everyone singing and perform! The party ends with balloons animals for all the children.

Aunti Bobbi’s Creative Crafts

Recommended Age: Children 4-7

Aunti Bobbi brings along her craft kit and children can make their own work of art. There are lots of craft ideas to choose from or you can request a special activity. Aunti Bobbi will supply everything you need for your group. Crafts costs are billed to you and are supplied for small to large groups.

The Ripple Effect Dance Party!

Recommended Age: Children 4-12 and Public Events

Aunti Bobbi get’s everyone moving and grooving with fun dance moves using Physical Literacy to encourage confidence, competence and motivation for life long movement! An action-packed event with great music and easy to follow steps so everyone is involved. The final dance is to Aunti Bobbi’s own song called The Ripple Effect Dance that she wrote to celebrate who we are just the way we are! Followed by balloon animals for everyone.

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