Aunti Bobbi the Clown specializes in entertainment for children 3-7 years of age. She incorporates the right amount of GOOFY into everything she does filling everyone with delight, happiness and encouragement to have FUN!

She is commended for her special ability to engage and encourage participation through EDUtainment, laughter and recognized for her patient, intuitive, gentle mannerisms that inspires children of varied abilities and personalities.

Aunti Bobbi will bring her entertainment outside to you with pay what you can; helping each other during these challenging times!

Contact Aunti Bobbi today to book your Memorable Moment of Fun!

Clowning Around the Cul de Sac & Giggling on the Grass!

Aunti Bobbi will come to your neighbourhood and entertain outdoors. The performance and activities are designed to help children understand what their new personal space feels like while playing and feeling connected to each other at a safe distance.

  • It is interactive and everyone will be encouraged to participate!
  • It is Safe, Fun and Affordable – Pay what you can – helping each other (PWYC)

$175 or PWYC

Surprise Drive-by Parades with Aunti Bobbi!

Aunti Bobbi will Marshall the Birthday/Anniversary Parade filled with family and friends. She will be the first to appear to capture the attention of the recipient and build the excitement for what is about to happen!
$75 or PWYC

Aunti Bobbi is a SURPRISE specialist and can do all the work for you, so you can pretend you know nothing.
Fee negotiated

Personalized On-line visit!

Birthday Wish, Anniversary, Brighten Someone’s Day – all ages

Aunti Bobbi will create a personalized on-line appearance for that special someone. You tell her what will make them feel special and she will share your message in a fun, goofy entertaining way!
$50 or PWYC

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